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JD 1070 won t start

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2011-10-19          180935

I was hoping that one of you could assist me with an electrical issue.

I have a 1070 with an electrical problem. A few weeks ago, I tried to start it and nothing happened. Clicked but no startng. I took the battery to the Interstate battery and got a blem. Put it in and the tractor started right up.
Unfortunately the posts didn't fit and I had to return it and get a brand new one. I put the new one in and it started right up. A few days later I drove it up to the woods and it wouldn't start again. Turn the key, the lights on the dash came on...nothing. I walked back and jiggled the ignition and it started up.

Drove it back parked it. Tried to start it a couple days ago...nothing light would come on, wouldn't turn over. I tried jumping it nothing...it was kind of funny when I was jumping it(i had it hooked up correctly) sometimes when I turned on the key, the lights on the dash wouldn't even come on.

I've pulled the battery and am charging it, but just sitting shouldn't discharge a brand new battery. I'm fairly convinced that it is not a battery issue. I'm wondering about the ignition switch. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

I've also posted this on another site. Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with tractor electrical systems.

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