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Kubota 7030 not starting please help

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2011-06-05          178840

Hi there,
I'm trying to get a Kubota 7030 to start and am running into some weird issues I was hoping someone else had some insight on. We originally thought the battery was being drained somewhere because one dy it wouldn't start. Battery turned out fine. Had the starter tested and rebuilt and also replaced the battery cables and hydraulic pump (because it was on the way out and I had one here). I got on and was able to get dash lights but when I tried to start it I got a snap from the area near the starter and then no power at all. No more dash lights. I took jumper cables and went from the negative to the bellhousing bolt as a new ground and it will crank over but not start. It also seems to be struggling on some of the revolutions and the cable heats up fast. I put the old battery cables back on ad got the same scenario. Please, any ideas at all would be appreciated.

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