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4200 HST pump shaft replaced and leaks

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2010-07-29          172701

Hi There all . I have a 4200 compact with hydrostatic transmission . a few weeks ago it stoped dead in its tracks with no warning . Now i use this tractor for everything from rototilling to lawn seeding to cutting grass with my 72 inch mid mount mower . when it stopped i could hear a funny noice coming from the rear of the engine near the fly wheel . so i checked it out and sure enough there was a problem with the shaft going into the hydro pump and a broken Torsion dampner . so i split it all in half and took it all apart and got new parts and the updated torsion dampner and john deere has an defect case open on this model with low hours and breaking the dampner . so i put it all back together what a nightmare lineing up the shafts but no problem I got it all done and back together and now i have a leak at the shaft going from the hydro pump into the back of the engine . I replaced the shaft all the seals every O ring the torsion dampner lubed it all up and still I get a leak at the pump shaft seal . any ideas why I was careful installing it . I think i did everything right but why is it still leaking new shaft new seal . hope some one can help . I'm very disapointed after all the work I did and time i took and the tractor only has 1200 hours on it 2001 year model . thanks for your time kdm004

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