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John Deer 790-419 Utility tractor-front loader

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2010-06-17          171621

My latest attempt to correct a no lift condition went like this; I switched the quick connectors to determine if tilt cylinder hoses would activate the lift cylinders. I switched port 2 with port 4 (silver with green) I switched port 1 with port 3(yellow with black. The only movement that occurred was the bucket would tilt forward (dump). No lift bucket action, no tilt back bucket action,and no lower bucket action. The tilt forward action occurred when I pulled the select lever back. When I pushed the select lever left,right and forward the engine would indicate a load had been applied. My next step is to mark and remove both lift bucket cylinders and take to local JD dealer for testing. Does anyone have an idea what I can try next short of transporting the whole works to the dealership$$$

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