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Comparing new models

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2006-02-18          124756

I have been studying the Deere website for weeks now, and decided on the new 2520 26.5HP CUT. I picked up a brochure yesterday for this tractor and a model 2320 24HP model. This model is not on the Deere website.
Besides the HP rating the smaller model is 205#'s lighter (1660) and has less hydraulic capacity 5.4 gpm versus 10.5 gpm. They both use the 200cx loader and I assume they will both run a 62 inch MMM. I plan to use either to finish mow, and occasional loader and bush hog duty. I don't know a price on the smaller one, but if it is say 1k less, would I wish I had the better hydraulics? I want to spend less, but I don't want to regret it. JC

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