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650 new user counterweight and use questions

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2005-04-21          110158

Hi, I found a nice 650 owned by a retired engineer who took care of the machine like it was his child. For a 20 year old tractor, it looks much like brand new. He rebuilt and repainted the deck (JD colors of course). Hours are just shy of 600 and he completed the 600 hr service interval himself.

I have a 4' brush hog cutter that I presently use on my 855. Is this OK for the 650? How much weight should I consider to use on the front to counterbalance?

I also have a tiller, but it is a 5' and I suspect this is too large. Will I hurt the unit if I try to till my 6" of new top soil just spread? Likewise for this or a smaller tiller, how much counterweight is suggested? I am going to tie up the 855 with a backhoe for a while.

All my JD machinery so far is hydrostatic. How does one best use the clutch, brakes and gear selector for best operation and turns when cutting grass with the deck? I assume this is going to be a bit more complicated and slower than the hydro tractors.

By the way, the 650 is replacing a 735 which is moving to another property we own. I will be maintaining the 25 acres with a 430, 650 and 855.

I appreciate any help one might offer.

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