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 10-25-2014, 09:28 Post: 191274

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 Yanmar 70s-90s tractor parts, dealers, and support

As of 2014/15, I had purchased a wonderful Yanmar YM2610. It's basically the John Deere 850 with automatic. Prior to this, I had owned a JD 850, but the previous owner was extremely neglectful. Thus it died. In the process, I had found all kinds of info for these JD and Yanmars of yesterday years.

If you live in the southeast USA, Fredricks does have a good dealer network to support you. Their 1-year warranty is another plus!

Other than that, there are several areas of support for the Yanmars. All within a days' drive and back or in less time for most of the US population. So, I would concur that support isn't within close reach living in the mid-west.

- Fredricks in AL has 5 dealers in their network. (2 in AL, 2 in GA, LA, and in the north in MN) http://www.fredricksimporting.com/dealer-locator
- Hoye is in TX for all kinds of Yanmar tractor parts. Yanmar Tractor Parts - Shop Online www.hoyetractor.com
- Weaver's is in Shippensburg, PA or at Weaver's Compact Tractor Parts & Compact Tractor Salvage www.compactractorparts.com
- Best-Used-Tractors are in Eugene Oregon, they list many Yanmar tractors, excavators, Japan trucks, etc ... Yanmar Tractors, Yanmar parts, individual Yanmar tractors, containers of Yanmar tractors www.best-used-tractors.com
- Little Miami Trading Company in OH, Yanmar and other Japan tractors. Parts, Service and Implements too! Little Miami Trading Company - Compact Tractors www.lmtcompany.com
- North Central West - NCW Tractor Parts in NV www.ncwtractorparts.com
- Yesterdays Tractors in Port Townsend, WA has parts www.yesterdaystractors.com
- Stevens Tractor Parts - Carries thousands of Yanmar, John Deere, Ford and New Holland parts www.stevenstractor.com/parts/yanmar.html
- TYM Yanmar Gray Dealer in WA www.tractorco.com/tractors/used.html or www.tractorco.com/tractors/packages.html
- South Circle Tractor Sales in LA, Refurbish Yanmar Dealer http://www.southcircletractorsales.c...roductlist.htm
- Broken Tractor LLC in Baton Rouge, LA for YM and FX parts www.brokentractor.com/yanmar_directory.htm
- Tractors on the Creek in Fairview, NC, Dealer They specialize in the Gray Market tractors www.tractorsonthecreek.com/tractors-inv.htm
- All States AG Parts - Yanmar F, FX and YM tractor parts http://www.tractorpartsasap.com/Yanm...rts-s/7116.htm
- Tractor Joe Parts in St. Louis, MO - www.tractorjoe.com/yanmar
- Best Farm Parts in Hernando, MS bestfarmparts.com/yanmar-c-174.html
- Hodges Farm Equipment in Fenton, MI Yanmar parts http://www.hodgesfarmequipment.com
- Stormer Tractors in Wallace, NC - Specializes in Yanmar 3pt htich, Koyker loaders for gray Yanmars and implements http://stormer-tractors.com/yanmar_t...hitch_kits.htm
- My Farm Parts in Richville, NY http://myfarmparts.com/yanmar-c-44
- Sheaffer's Town & Country Tractor in IL, http://www.japanesetractorparts.com

This list isn't everything. There are still others out there as gray tractor dealers, parts, service, and add-ons. Don't forget your local John Deere Ag parts counter and service too. Yanmar made tractors for JD from 1979 to 2007. Many parts are cross referenced IF you know the Yanmar engine in the JD tractor. I've been building a long list of the JD to Yanmar data and hoping to post it shortly in the Yahoo Yanmar Groups file section. In a few instances some of the Yanmars were painted JD green without any major changes and sold here in the USA as John Deeres'.

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Discussion Boards > Active Subjects > Messages as Posted > Yanmar Tractors Forum

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