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 06-23-2008, 19:51 Post: 154802

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 Shibaura D23F Hydraulic issues

I recently purchased a Shibaura D23F tractor with a front-end loader attachment. The control valve that operates the front-end loader is cracked just above the port labeled “T” on the valve block. When the 3pt hitch is raised to the top limit, there is a geyser of hydraulic fluid that spays from the cracked valve.
I am not experienced with hydraulics but from what I have researched this is what I can share. The hydraulic pump is mounted to the engine. The output of the pump is directed through a ½” metal line for 10-12 inches before it converts to a rubber hydraulic line. This rubber line then connects to what I can determine is a 2-spool valve with two levers controlling the bucket and loader arms. The rubber line connects to a port located on the side labeled “P”. There is another rubber hydraulic line that exits the control valve from a port label “T” and extends for a couple of feet before connecting to the metal line that returns to the transfer case under the tractor seat. The 4 lines supplying the cylinders for the FEL connect to fittings between “P” and “T” ports.
The FEL control valve has the following markings. On a tag riveted to the side are the following:
Top line: “A1x2” Second Line: “0187 F02 TA” Third line: “912156”
Stamped on the back of the block valve is: "1500 15"

The 3 point hitch controls are located to the right side of the tractor seat. The controls appear to have been modified into a “hybrid” configuration. There is a flat-bar lever that pivots on a single bolt. To this flat bar is another bracket that I would describe as having a right angle at each end that wraps inward. These right angle tabs make contact to what appears to be control valves and are manipulated in/out as the flat-bar lever for the hitch is moved up/down. The control valves also appear to be solenoid valves by the evidence of wiring harnesses that were “cut” sometime in the past.
I have drained the hydraulic fluid, which was clean. I have removed the internal suction line screen and cleaned minimal material from the magnets. I have also replaced the external hydraulic filter.
The replacement of the control valve for the FEL appears to be a straight-forward process. However, I would like to know that when I replace this valve, there is not a remaining condition that would cause the replacement valve to malfunction or break.

I have added a link to on-line photo album outlining specifc details
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Link:   Shibaura D23F photo album 
Picture Link
Shibaura: Shibaura-D23F-Hydraulic-issues

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