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 06-20-2001, 17:21 Post: 29462
Alan L. Lewis

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 Kubota B2710 Steering Problems

I've been having power steering failure since the tractor had 50 hours. Now it has 208 hours.As instructed by Kubota I took my 2710 to the dealer on Tuesday morning. A Kubota technician was there to "(a)make the tractor fail and (b) fix it". Unfortunately he didn't stay long enough to do (a) so he never got to (b). I had stressed to the Kubota service manager for the central region that it takes a long time for the problem to come up - usually a couple of hours at least. The guy mowed 2 hours and quit without experiencing the problem. They also put some kind of device on the hydraulic system that makes it simulate various conditions and it didn't fail there either.The final word was that "As far as Kubota is concerned we and the dealer have made a reasonable effort and shown that the tractor is operating as it should". I was told that in order for them to consider anything I would have to make it fail.Guys I'm pissed. You go to the trouble of getting an actual human from Kubota to talk to you and another one to actually look at the tractor and you trailer the thing and take it 30 miles to the dealer you would think they would test the thing until it fails. Why would I go to all that trouble if there isn't a problem? Kubota was interested in making an appearance of being willing to address the problem, but they aren't willing to take the time that it takes to duplicate the problem.He also said that in all the time I have owned the tractor the dealer was never able to duplicate the problem. Somebody lied, because my dealer did duplicate the problem back in '99 (or at least told me they did), changed the fluids at 58 hours that I had just got through changing at 50 hours, and then continued to experience the problem. I needed the tractor back for the weekend and they promised to come pick it up the following Monday which they never did. In the meantime it never was that hot again that summer and I didn't have the serious problems I had before.I called the owner of the dealership and he understood my pain, but there's not a lot they can do without Kubota's help. The dealer does not have much control over design flaws that they can't fix. He says he will come to my place personally if I am experiencing the problem, as long as its during business hours .Of all the 2710 and 2910 owners on this board that have had the problem I don't recall a single one getting the problem fixed. One of you got some kind of retrofit of an additional flluid line and filter like the 2910, but if understand it correctly, that didn't fix the problem, and the 2910s have the same problem also.It appears that the problem is rare, but to those of us who have the problem and can't get it fixed it is very disappointing and frustrating.It is a wonderful tractor otherwise, but I'm now have a really bad taste in my mouth about Kubota's handling of the problem. Because they weren't willing to expend the time needed to duplicate the problem I have continue on my own, with binding steering at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon when there is nobody to call.Those of you with Kubota tractors that are having this problem would you please email me at gtalumnus@earthlink.net. I am thinking seriously about a class action lawsuit. I think everyone with a 2710 should be given a new M9000 and 200 shares of Kubota stock.I am seriously fond of this tractor but I'm gonna give it this summer when its real hot. If I can't get anyone down to my place to witness the problem, or they won't otherwise fix it, I will be trading for a John Deere 4200.Alan L., TX

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