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 04-12-2008, 20:54 Post: 152924

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 JD 22NF AGM Battery Replacement

This has been discussed quite a bit but I thought it might be a good idea to document another alternative. The StrongBox battery in my 4310 developed a short and needed replacement. Since this is an odd 22NF size there aren't a lot of alternatives. The stock JD battery is located in front of the oil cooler and radiator which is not a good location for a non-sealed battery - these tractors often have corrosion on the radiator and oil coolers due to the cooling fan drawing battery gases through the fins. When the stock battery died I wanted a sealed AGM replacement.

I bought a 22NF AGM battery from the link below. This battery has fewer cold cranking amps than the stock battery but the specs are a bit misleading. The charge in an AGM battery doesn't deplete as quickly as a flooded battery so chances are that when you need to start it on a cold day a flooded battery may have the same cranking amps available as an AGM battery.

Anyway, the 22NF AGM batteries don't have hold down lugs on the base of the battery so an alternative mounting method needed to be fabricated. I wanted to devise a mounting method that was solid and allowed the original battery to be reinstalled with the stock hardware if necessary. I bought some 8mm 1.25 pitch all-thread and 1/4 x 1 1/4" flat aluminum stock from Ace hardware (a great store) and a half dozen nuts, lockwashers and flat washers to put it all together. The all-thread was cut into two 11" sections. These pieces thread right into the captive nuts that the stock hold down clips bolt onto. Using nuts and washers the all-thread can be locked in place using the captive nuts on either side of the new battery. Then the flat stock was cut to length and holes drilled on either side spaced to slip over the all-thread. Some 3/4" self-adhesive weather strip was placed on one side of the flat stock, then this piece was slipped over the all thread on top of the battery weatherstrip side down. This was tightened down with nuts and washers and the mount is very solid.

The only other gotcha is that the battery posts are flattened on two sides with holes drilled through the posts. These are designed so that cable lugs can be bolted directly to the posts instead of using traditional battery cables. The problem is that the posts are slightly smaller than standard posts so the battery cables don't tighten down adequately. The solution was a couple of Battery Post Adapters from the same web site. These bolt to the batteries posts, then the stock battery cables can clamp tightly to the adapters.

The new battery cranks over great when the temp is in the 40s, I'll have to wait until next winter to see how well it works in the cold. At least I won't have to worry about radiator corrostion anymore.

Link:   BatteryStuff 

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Discussion Boards > Active Subjects > Messages as Posted > John Deere Review Forum

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