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 12-20-2005, 11:21 Post: 121419

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* Nostalgia ~ Your first car !

OPTIONAL How old were you at the time ?
ADVENTURES * Memories / fun times - with it.
MAKE Chevy
DESCRIPTION 4 door sedan
OPTIONAL How old were you at the time ? 17
ADVENTURES * Memories / fun times. with it

Out ran the city cops in a W.Va. City.
They had a 1957 Plymouth Furry .
I was on the way to a drive-in movie. Stopped at a store came out jumped in the car threw it into reverse throwing gravel then pealing rubber across the sidewalk threw more gravel crossing the strip between the sidewalk and the street then laid more rubber really squalling the tires as they hit the street. Jammed on the brakes throwing it into low gear floored it and popped the clutch squalling the tires again. That's when I saw the red bubble gum machine light up on the police cruiser. He was setting on the other side of the street headed in the opposite direction watching the whole thing.
You might think it takes a lot of nerve to pull a stunt like this right in front of a cop; but it don't if you don't see him. Laughing out loud
I thought uh oh and started to stop but when the cop got to the center line and about 3 feet from my side window I changed my mind about stopping. Floored It jammed it into second gear and took off.
The cop had to run back across the street jump in the cruiser and make a u turn to chase after me.
This gave me just enough time to get away from him and I never saw him or the police car again. But I figured he was after me. There was a very sharp 20 MPH turn in the road shortly after I took off. I was coming into this curve at about 65 MPH and my buddy Joe got really scared and kept yelling at me slow down slow down but all I could think of was getting away from that cop.
Here he was pulling up on my right leg trying to get my foot off the accelerator but it wasn't working so he grabbed the ignition key and threatened to turn it off.
( This was the same guy that was always telling me to get on it gun it Etc which I never did do. ) I sure had him singing a different tune that night!
Well, I realized that if he did that the cop would have me so I let off and braked just as we went into the turn. Somehow we made it but I don't know how and we went on to the drive in theater Coming back home Presented another problem as I wasn't about to go back through that town.
The other route I took back home to by pass the town was an extra 25 or 30 miles.
Coming back I was about out of gas didn't have any money so I talked the guy at the gas station into hocking my spare tire for a bucks worth of gas. Went back the next day gave him the buck and got the spare tire back.
We went back to that town the next day in my other car.
We saw the black tire marks from where the cruiser was spinning making a u turn in the street. To chase after us.
Went on up to the sharp turn where we saw 2 narrow black tire marks going around that turn. We must have been up on 2 wheels.

Another Incident:
Sometime after that I was passing a car just before going into a sharp 20 MPH curve on a rainy day.
Got up beside the car and he sped way up so I really gunned it to get around him when I pulled back in I was almost into that turn at 65 MPG. Looked ahead and saw a sheriff car sitting at a stop sign on a side street that connects to the highway in that turn. Thought I was going to roll it right in front of him.
I had taken that curve more than once before at 50 MPH when the pavement was dry with no problem but this time it was different. I was doing 65 on wet rain slicked pavement couldn't use the brakes to slow down as one of them on one wheel was grabbing and locking up the wheel. I was afraid if I used the brakes and that wheel locked up it would throw the car out of control.
I wasn't to concerned about the sheriff watching all this unfold as I had my hands full trying to get around the turn in one piece.
Well, the car slid side ways going clear across the road in the middle of the turn and the back wheel hit the curb. About 50 feet after you come out of the curve there was a set of train tracks crossing the road.
When I hit the curb I looked up and there was the Red rail road crossing lights flashing but fortunately no train in site.
Got across the tracks slowed her down and was back in control when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the sheriff coming up on me red light a flashing.
Do to vowing to never try to our run a police car again after the first incident related above I pulled of onto the side of the road and waited for him to stop behind me.
Thought he would throw the book at me or least give me a ticket for reckless operation and another ticket for running the red RR Crossing Lite.
I was very luck. All he did was give me a strong lecture and a tongue lashing. Didn't even get a warning slip. Of course I never mentioned the defective brakes to him.

I was never a hot rodder speed demon or a reckless driver but I did make exceptions occasionally as you can see.
Ah Those Were The Good Old Days - OR WERE THEY ?

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 12-22-2005, 19:29 Post: 121586

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My first car was a 1946 Ford 2 door sedan with a 1937 Ford V8. It was very slow but it got me there and back. My uncle had a auto repair/speed shop. I started working for him the summer of 1958 and he helped me get and repair the car. It had slid backwards into a telephone pole and needed a rear bumper, deck lid, and truck floor. He made me do all the cutting out of parts and welding in of new. He said I would thank him later in life, which I did many times for the experiences he let me have. A doctor ran a stop sign and I T-boned him. It tore the hell out of the Lincoln but didn't hurt the '46 much. I drove it to my uncles and we straighened it up and I went home. My dad decided that I needed a newer car and we found a 1951 Ford 2 door sedan that he helped me buy. Well, my uncle was a flathead master mechanic and at the end of the summer of '59 I was driving a very hot 3/4 race flathead. 0 to 30= 3.2 seconds. 0 to 60= 6.7 seconds. 0 to 100= 13.7 seconds. I sure had a lot of fun with the '51.

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