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 05-22-2020, 13:19 Post: 199250

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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: South Carolina
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 Remembering when I joined TP

I will soon be here 15 years. Well remember my first post on TP. Was asking about a "BOOM MOWER" for my tractor. The first person who replied was Iowafun believe correct murf was the second one. Iowafun fun began with "hope you have a big piggy bank" and he was correct on how much they cost. Found great people there then and still do.

In 15 years my needs and wants have changed and got to where was not here very often but TP was always in my heart. Have been on a few different forums over the years and TP and one other (haytalk which is mostly for growing of hay) have been the only ones that to me felt as amongst friends. Now friends will joke with you, they will pick on you but they will care about you.

I recently hit back here and so blessed to have done so. Some of those ole and old people are still faithful and some have passed on. One I still think of often was ole Earthwrks (think have the spelling correct) who was an interesting person and it hit me and many other hard when we learned he died at too young of age.

There was then and still is much experience here. There is a willingness to help. It still is a place you are amongst friends. It is my desire to help others with my little bit of knowledge and one time remember well someone posted their tractor was running hot and I said check your air filter. He came back and said that was his problem. Don't remember who it was that posted he thought my suggestion was crazy or such but he wanted to know how impressed about the recommendation when it was the guys problem, Only a person who respects you would do so.

TP was full of them then and I believe still are. To those who are just looking here once in while invest in it. Read each post and if you think your thoughts might help them share them. You often know more than you realize. If you had that problem before share how you solved it. At same time share your how do you do this or what about this will be amazed at some of the levels of experience here even among the young generations!

Let me take a moment to say to Dennis thank you for all your efforts to make TP such a great sight and all those who contribute to it with each post.

As to those who have passed one way or another you blessed a lot of our lives and are missed.
Kenneth Thompson

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 05-22-2020, 15:35 Post: 199251

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Join Date: Nov 1998
Location: NorthWest NJ
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 Remembering when I joined TP

Kenneth Thompson and I were chatting about all the memories we have had with TP members over the years. To that end Ken started this post where he has shared some of his TP memories and He and I invite you to share yours with us as you celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend. What were you doing at the time you started on TP , how have things been, and how are things now.

In 1998 when I started this site my kids were 3 and 4 years old and I had just moved into a new home that had lots of projects to do, and I was planning to make a place for my elderly parents to live.

My kids are grown now, so I have kinda lost my helpers. They are great kids and I am very proud of them.

In 2012 my Mom passed after a 10 struggle with Alzheimer's. My wonderful father, a WWII veteran of the Air Force, passed in July of 2019 5 days short of his 99th Birthday. He was a truly kind and thoughtful man.

So on this Memorial Day weekend, if you have a moment please drop a line on TP to let us know how things are going in your Tractor Life and more importantly how things are going with You and Your Family.

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 05-23-2020, 13:15 Post: 199262

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Join Date: Mar 2007
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 Remembering when I joined TP

Happy Memorial Day, my friends.

I run a tree care business in Cando, North Dakota. My little Kubota B2920 was purchased new back in 2012. It now has 2000 hours on it......and I still love the thing.

As a certified arborist, (International Society of Arboriculture # MW-5717A) my job involves all aspects of tree care: from tree selection and proper planting locations, to planting, early care, pruning, pest and disease diagnosis, treatment, support systems, risk mitigation, storm damage restoration, lightning protection, soil problem diagnosis and of course, full removal when needed.

I am currently working in California as a Consulting Utility Forester. My current duties involve clearing the right of way for overhead power lines. Though I am not involved with the actual tree work, I am responsible for seeing to it that the power lines are clear of vegetation so as to prevent outages, fires, and maintain public safety.

My son is home running my tree business. I maintain close contact with him and help him diagnose and treat tree related diseases, pest problems, and other disorders that he cannot identify on his own.

I'm still climbing trees, but it is only recreational climbing at this point, simply because I am no longer working as a climber.

I have made many good friends here over the years. We've had some great discussions. I hope I was able to contribute something useful to the group.

If any of you have tree problems, questions, concerns, or anything tree related that you wish to discuss, please ask. I'm more than willing to assist.

Have a happy Memorial Day, everyone.

Joel Campbell

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 05-23-2020, 18:20 Post: 199266

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 Remembering when I joined TP

Wow, this post could go on for a while. As my dear wife likes to say “Honey, you’re Irish, there is NO ‘short version of the story’. Laughing out loud.

Based on what’s left of my memory, I must have stumbled across this place not long after you started it Dennis, way back when it was the CTB, the Compact Tractor Board.

Kenny, I too miss the friendship and fellowship of those days, yes, Jeffy is sadly missed, we had several long ‘heart to hearts’ after he got taken to the cleaners after Katrina.

Frank, Chief, Mark, Iowa, I cant even remember his name now, but a fellow Cannuck who served in the US from up the Ottawa valley, good times amongst good friends indeed.

As a youngster on the family farm I learned that there was no such thing as a ‘dumb question’ as long as it was an earnest quest for knowledge. Thankfully, I also learned that even when the person being asked a question was busy, there was ALWAYS time to teach somebody something. Teach a man to fish.......

I’m also a firm advocate (maybe it’s just the thrifty farmer in me) of throwing money at a problem is not always (rarely IMHO) the best approach. I’m happy to share the ‘old way’ of doing things. Just ask.

As Carol Burnett used to say, ”Thanks for the memories.”.

Best of luck.

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 05-25-2020, 09:04 Post: 199270

Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: iowa
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 Remembering when I joined TP

Hello Dennis,Kenneth, and TP Members;

Great to hear from you guys again, I'm the one who kind of let things slip so far as keeping in touch. I did send Ken a letter in the US Mail last week one day, so I have been in contact with him. Ok, now my Tractor Point history.

The exact dates escape me now but somewhere about 1993 we were farming about 900 acres and running the furniture shop with the help of our second son and some part time help when we had a set of cabinets to install, then I fell on the ice breaking my pelvis.

Since that happened i have never been able to walk without the security of a walker. We have been to local specialists and the Mayo Clinic several times. After about a hundred X-Rays, scans, and other tests I can't even remember nobody has ever came up with a reason that I cannot walk without a walker. So to this day I follow a walker around.

We decided to sell down the biggest equipment and keep the Compact Deere's, a 4310 and a 4410 and the related compact type equipment plus some restored tractors, and all the furniture shop equipment. In the meantime during the decade of the 1990's Lucile and I both lost our parents, then a bit later we lost our son who was working in the wood shop with me.

Then after I was alone in the shop I used to work on things that I had been saving up to do when I retired plus a limited amount of landscape work with the little Deeres'.

There wasn't much we couldn't do with the compacts, we had about every piece of equipment that Deere made for them, Back hoe, tiller, loader, box blade, landscape rake, trailers, a baby hay rake, lawn sweepers, and other stuff I forgot.

I was a tool collector, lots of tools that I never used. When we had the auction to sell my tools and compact equipment the auctioneer said that he had never saw that many tools in one place before. They started at 9:30 with two auctioneers and sold only tools until 3:30.

Now before anybody laughs and calls me a wacko here was my answer. I never owned a snowmobile, a motor home, a motorcycle, a big boat, any expensive guns or hunting equipment. I did have 14 ft. flat bottom boat that I bought used for a hundred dollars and a six horse motor for probably a couple hundred dollars, that was the extent of our recreational equipment. I'm quite sure there are people who have some or all of the things I just mentioned who have lots more invested than I did in all my tools. Ok that's enough about tools.

We had two homes a new one in the country and a house in town that we bought as kind of a fixer-upper, well by that time about 2007 we decided we had bit off more than we could chew, two yards to mow, two homes to keep clean, so we finally gave in and sold both homes and moved to an assisted living apartment. It was a chore just to run the vacuum cleaner for either of us, and the lawn mowing and snow removal were just too much.

So I guess the reason I stopped posting on Tractor Point is that I am in a different environment now with only one actual retired farmer as a neighbor down the hall who I can visit with about the old days on the farm, the rest here don't know a cow from a chicken.

I'll try to be around to maybe answer something I am familiar with.

My Best to all at TP !


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 05-26-2020, 09:20 Post: 199274

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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: South Carolina
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 Remembering when I joined TP

Each of your helped me more than once and in many ways. Dennis never easy to tell a loved on bye and I found this weekend recalling those in my family I have lost. My dad at 16 my Mom 2006 at 87. One sister in 2004 and another in 2015.

With out a doubt God allowed me to find TP, have found dependable friends here over the years and dependable advice. Even the suck it up answers as needed. Laughing out loud

One who has not posted here I learned to respect is a man of few words but to the point (Murf he must not be Irish) is Art. Sure wish he was dealer in my part of the world.

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 05-26-2020, 14:18 Post: 199276

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Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Niagara County, NY
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 Remembering when I joined TP

Hello all, thanks for the replies! I was glad to hear from Hardwood in the other "Just for Fun" thread, I think of you and your farm often, hang in there.

I am still at NIagara University teaching in my 5th year, lucky to still have job. The University had a ransomware attack earlier this year which shut us down for a couple of days followed by the COVID fiasco. I was used to working online due to my days at IBM so the adjustment required some work but I already had much of my courses online.

Life has been good to me, I feel rejuvenated working around the house to accomplish things for my wife.

I got tired of having to "borrow" my 4310 back from my son, so a couple of months ago I bought a New Holland Workmaster 25S with a backhoe which is perfect for me in my 1 acre lawn. It isn't the cadillac that the 4310 was but it's like heaven being able to just hear that little diesel come alive when I need it (which has been quite often lately).

I went to Farm Days in Seneca Falls for the first time last year. It was pouring rain but I managed to find Art White's booth. Unfortunately Art wasn't there but I did ask about him.

Murf, Dennis - sorry I didn't respond to your comments in 2019 - I commit to checking TP more often.

Ken, thanks for thinking about the old gang! I am 20 miles east of Niagara Falls, 10 miles south of Lake Ontario. There are lots of wineries here, 2 within walking distance. Arrow Head Spring Winery has some decent wine.

Let me know if you are ever in the area.


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 05-26-2020, 22:53 Post: 199277

Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Northern michigan
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 Remembering when I joined TP

Don't know when I first posted as Yooperpete. I had been away from the site for several years after shutting down my Bad River business. I now use Hogslayer as my handle.

I grew up in the 50's and 60's on the family farm. Life was harsh but much simpler then. Life consisted of 4 basic elements: 1) work to support your family 2) go to church 3) hunt and fish for sport while putting food on the table 4) work. I started working on the farm when I was 6. Main job at that time was hoeing beans and corn while also being a "go-for" working with my Father doing our farm equipment repairs. I was mainly a welding fixture for him, holding parts and pieces in place during the welding process. Was driving tractors by 8 years old and worked most of the ground before planting by the time I was 10. Also was responsible for cultivating the corn between hoeing the bean and corn fields. Dad cultivated the beans and sugar beets. Migrants hoed the sugar beet fields.

My father quit farming in 1968 when I got drafted into the Army. He couldn't farm alone. He found a job as a mechanic for the Michigan Highway Department.

I studied engineering at college and worked for a couple companies before starting my own business. I specialized in designing and building fixturing primarily for the automotive industry, however, have done aerospace, defense, Ag, off-road, energy and much more over the years.

My father had Parkinson's disease and had trouble getting into the bed of his F250 4X4. So, in the late 80's/early 90's, I developed a rear bumper step for him to get into the bed of the pickup easier. We had kept a couple of the old farm tractors and they were getting tired. I bought my 1994 Cub-Cadet 7275 CUT used from a local farmer, when it was only about 1 year old. Have had it ever since. Have lots of trailers, so I decided to make a 3 point tractor hitch. With the first use, while operating my dump trailer, the 3 point hitch flew up and scared me. I promptly made a safety chain similar to how you latch down a backhoe for transport.

Since commercial/industrial business was good, I decided to start a business called Bad River to sell these two consumer products. I patented these two items. One day my Bad River phone rang and a guy called "Chief" called and said I should join and advertise on Tractorpoint. So, I did.

My consumer products ideas didn't pan out. Ford saw my truck step patent and developed an elaborate tail gate mounted step complete with access handle. GM molded a step within their rear bumper. Both got around my patent. Got a cease and desist letter from another hitch manufacturer called FlexPoint. Spent about $5,000.00 with a lawyer doing patent searches. My hitch "no way" conflicted. The other guy was blowing smoke!! Flex Point advertised on another tractor forum. Discussion about my hitch was not allowed on that forum. Eventually, my shop of 35+ employees couldn't compete with the garage shops that were dumping inexpensive hitches. We are doing fine with industrial products. They, however, didn't copy the safety chain. I'm surprised that people haven't gotten hurt and that law suites haven't been filed.

I'm of German decent and this version is longer than Murf's Irish one. Crunch mentioned the Canadian grape vineyards. In mid-January of 2018 my wife and I went to Niagara Falls. Had a wonderful time!! Believe it is prettier in winter with the ice build-up. They still had the winter fest Christmas lights on. They also had an ice wine festival going on. Was surprised by the amount of vineyards in that area. Ice wine is good stuff!!

Later that year we did the Lake Superior tour on the Canadian side. Saw bear and Moose in Wawa. Got a glimpse of a wolf chasing after supper. Got within about 3 feet and almost hit a wolf in Thunder Bay with the Ford Explorer.. That was nice too!

In February of 2020 we went to the Ice Hotel (Hotel de Glace) near Quebec City. That was awesome! Canada is a beautiful country!!

I'll be 72 in about a month. Time sure has flown by and feel that retirement is around the corner.

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 05-28-2020, 23:51 Post: 199286

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 Remembering when I joined TP

Thanks for starting this thread KT, and Dennis for maintaining the site for so many years.

Honestly, it's been so many years that I don't recall exactly when I joined. I'm thinking it was back in the 90s based upon my first compact tractor and research I did to sort out the brand differences. 1992 was the year that we moved to our current location, finally aquiring a bit more land, so that date could be close. Either way, it's always been a pleasure interacting with people on this site.

I retired in 2006, took the summer off, then accepted a position offered to me the day I left the utility business (I was not ready to jump back in that quickly). As a young man, my family had me working from 13 years old, much of that was my summer vacation. Not forced labor, but a good opportunity for me to learn a work ethic at an early age. So I had a retirement summer and it was great! The new job began in January 2007 and was a perfect fit for me. I found myself working from a home office and traveling around the state training for the one-call center. It was supposed to be part time, but during the busy season the work called for sometimes 80 hours a week. The company recognized the situation and placed me on full-time ie more $$.

That career ended in 2015. I suffered a heart attack in 2013 which prompted me to have a serious talk with myself about reducing stress and actually living the life I had been working so hard to have.

But true to form, I gradually over volunteered myself and ended up with another attack last December. Fortunately all is OK, but it did force me to take another look at my life and slow down a bit. The political aspect is the biggest stressor, so I've made the commitment to not run for office again once my term expires. The fire department is more my focus now, I'm treasurer and an active first responder. I was heavily involved with the church but have recently backed away from duties within. Unfortunately, some bishops feel the need to have political views preached in the churches they control. I don't go there to listen to that.

The wife will most likely retire in the fall. So again, life will change. As it stands, I do most everything at home, inside and out. If she retires it will allow me to focus more on the external property needs.

We are avid boaters and campers. I'm currently restoring a 40 year old cutter rig sailboat. The motorhome is an oldie, I've spent many hours and left blood all over that one too. Sometimes I wish the powerboat was back in her slip. Lake Ontario levels are unreliable at best now that plan 2014 is in effect.

In 2018 I traveled alone to Florida twice in order to assist my 92 year old uncle. He passed away a month after I left the state the first time, so back I went. He was a WWII vet whom served in the South Pacific. His home in Miami was a mess between his housekeeping and the local's stealing. I saved what I could, including his medals and his and his father in law's uniforms. One lady whom volunteered for the veterans helped herself to a good chunk of his money. We reported it, but Florida is so full of elder abuse and theft that it pretty much goes unpunished. Much of my family is or has been living in Florida for some time. Honestly, I really do like it there.

So that is about it for me, except for one thing. My picture is a 1992 Springer which I sold a number of years ago. I really miss an occasional ride, so this past winter, at an auction, I "accidentally" picked up an old 1982 Low Rider. Life is cyclical.

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 05-29-2020, 08:44 Post: 199288
Art White

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 Remembering when I joined TP

I know I am a little late coming to the party here but they tell me there is always one in the crowd!
Things have changed a bit since first meeting you fine folks! I learned a lot about what people wanted and needed here for compacts and I appreciate everyone's input through the years.
For me in the business I have been able to watch as the farm tractor sales by numbers drop and the horsepower go up in search of production and compact sales grow to replace them in smaller acreage and sell in even larger numbers! The business in itself has changed as we have more stores now. Third generation coming up and it is getting closer to my time to enjoy the time differently that I have. Listening to my wife i am again late by a few years as she is retired and watching her I figure it could get boring. She enjoys sitting on a beach in florida and reading a book and I still enjoy exploring! I figure we will manage as it is close to 35 years now together which is no mile stone for many lucky couples. When I first came to site I still had my parents and now i have grandchildren as life rolls on.

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