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Need FEL spec

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2002-10-27          44262

I am trying to research the FEL capacity of a used NH 2120 tractor and am not able to make much of the specs posted on the NH site. The FEL for this tractor is the 2309 and the specs posted on the site are:

1350 - 2450

The trouble is that there is no explanation of what these specs represent. I don't know if they are capacity at Pivot, Center or Breakout Force. I called NH but the representative with whom I spoke wasn't sure either and was pretty quick to tell me to speak with a dealer.

These #s seem in line with their class in terms of Center and Pivot capacities but I would be surprised to not see a Breakout Force spec. If the 2450 is the Breakout Force, that is well below the competition. Does anyone have any information on this or even a guess of what these #s represent?


Link:   NH FELs

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Need FEL spec

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2002-10-27          44264

That was my experience as well, but I think the dealer/rep/factory info system works pretty well.

I call the NH 800 number this spring with a pretty obscure question. They steered me to my dealer as well. I said that I was calling them because I figured that my dealer wouldn't have the info and would have to check with the factory rep anyway. The flavour I response I got was 'That's there job and what they're there there.' I suppose I can understand why a N.A. wide 800 number for anybody with a question to call wouldn't work very well. Anyway, the 800 operator said she'd fill out a ticket number for me. She did, I called my dealer who came up with the answer and about a month later NH called me to ask if I was satisfied with my dealer's response. I was.

I can't help with the specs question but I think breakout force probably needs to be define along with everything else. I think of it as max pressure generated at the blade by bucket roll-back, but I could be very wrong.

It wouldn't surprise me if the specs might not be very definite. Things like breakout force seem partially determined by geometry and partially by hydraulics. Different buckets probably produce different breakout capability. Different relief valve settings affect how much can be lifted unless a standard valve is supplied with the loader and that valve has its own pressure relief that is set lower than any tractor's relief valve. Alternatively, maybe lifting capacity has to do with tractor weight and distribution so that the specs depend on which tractor the loader is on. Don't know; specs can be pretty confusing things.

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