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2008-06-10          154456

I have recently bought a B7200D. I am looking for suggestions and attatchments for this tractor. i would appreciate anybody's help with this tractor. any info or experience would be great.

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2008-06-10          154458


If I'm not mistaken, you're limited to about 14 horsepower at the PTO shaft. This will be the determining factor when selecting your implements.

If you have 4-wheel drive, that will help you a whole lot.

Figure about 3 horsepower needed for every foot of tiller. This will limit you to a tiller no larger than about 36 inches. If you don't have a creeper gear, you might want to go with a tiller no bigger than about 30 inches.

You should have no problem powering any 48" mower, though you may want to select a lower traveling gear when mowing taller brush and undergrowth.

The B7200 is now nearly 20 years old. However, there is a complete line of parts available for it, to include new body parts. A new hood will cost you 1500 dollars, but you can still get one.

It might help if you could tell us what you plan to do with your tractor. There are many people on this board who can offer you hundreds of tips.

Joel ....

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