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Perry Backs Resolution Texas Sovereignty

2009-04-14 11:19:31 162008  Chief | 20 Pix
This is VERY significant. Should be interesting to see if more states follow in their footsteps and actions. Other states have already done this but not in such a provocative fashion. Way to go Texas!!!

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Link:   Gov.Perry Backs Resolution 

Perry Backs Resolution Texas Sovereignty
2009-04-17 00:00:00 162130  kthompson | 12 Pix
Most loose sight the reason the Southern States succeeded from the Union was over states rights. Many think it was only slavery. President Lincoln injected that after the war began as a reason for the North to fight. There are those who say had my state not fired on the Union Fort in Charleston Harbor there would NOT have been war. I do understand Hawaii had language in some federal law inserted and passed by the US Senate and House and signed by the president (not sure if Bush or Clinton) that affirmed they had the authority to separate as a separate nation or such as they were such when they became part of the USA. If that holds for them so was Texas. How does the Federal Government go about telling other nations how they must allow parts or people of their nation to split off to form their own separate nation but not allow a sovereign state the same?

Please do not take this as any way support for slavery and I am glad we were one large strong nation for the benefit of the world with WWI and WWII. It would have been possible were we two nations to found ourselves on opposite sides of the war when it came down to Germany and England.
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